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2022-2023 SUNY Potsdam Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 SUNY Potsdam Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Athletics & Physical Education

Contact Person: James Zalacca, Director of Athletics and Phys. Ed.
232 Maxcy, (315)267-2314, zalaccja@potsdam.edu

Each student must complete four activities of appropriately designated physical education courses in addition to the 120 academic credit hours required for the B.A. or the 124 required for the B.M. degree. A course approved for General Education Physical Education/Health and Wellness designation and also for a Mode of Inquiry may simultaneously serve toward the completion of both the academic requirement and one course of the physical education requirement. Transfer students who have not completed this requirement must earn one semester hour of physical education for every 30 credit hours enrolled at SUNY Potsdam, not to exceed a maximum of four credit hours or the equivalent.

Two semesters of participation in varsity sports fulfills the General Education Physical Education/Health and Wellness requirement.

A maximum of one-half of the student’s requirement may be fulfilled by satisfactory completion of the same course twice.

Note: Courses numbered PE 100-299 do not count for academic credit hours and cannot be used to fulfill any requirements except the General Education Physical Education/Health and Wellness requirement. Courses numbered PE 300 -499 count for non-liberal arts academic credit hours.

Coaching Certification

Students may be approved for coaching in the schools of New York State (Commissioner’s Regulations, section 135.4) by successfully completing the following courses:

@PE 303 - Techniques of Coaching 
@PE 326 - Health and Sports Medicine 
@PE 335 - Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Competitive Athletics in Education