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2023-2024 SUNY Potsdam Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 SUNY Potsdam Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Billing Policies & Related Processes

Billing information can be viewed online 24/7 in the e-Payment Portal, accessed by students through BearPAWS using the e-bill link. Student Bills are released mid-month. Please make arrangements for payment in full prior to the semester start date. Charges may be deferred to confirmed financial aid awards and if so, a credit will be noted on the billing statement. A payment plan option is available.

Student financial records may not be disclosed without student consent. Permission to view and make payments toward a student bill may be granted to others. Students can provide access to others by completing all fields in the “Web for Proxy” tab on BearPAWS.

Refunds generated through overpayment of financial aid or other funds are issued through BankMobile Disbursements and are processed using the refund preference selected by the student upon activation of their account.

Students agree to financial obligations upon electronic check-in. Adjustments to bills due to withdrawals are made in accordance with the SUNY liability schedule.

The College is obligated to only use the name of record for official documents, including but not limited to billing records and reimbursements, and financial aid documents.

The following NYS regulations apply to all billings:

Per State Finance Law, § 18, State agencies are authorized to assess interest or late payment penalty charges on overdue debt. Accounts with a past due balance are assessed a late fee based on the following scale:

Balance Late Fee
$126.00 to $999.99 $30
$1,000-$1,999.99 $40
Over $1,999.99 $50


Additionally, state agencies or their representatives may charge collections fees to cover the estimated cost of processing, handling and collecting delinquent debts. Accounts more than 90 days past due may be referred to the New York State Attorney General, Student Recoveries Unit, for collection. 

Per § 302.I(j) of Chapter V, Title 8 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations, no person shall receive credit or other official recognition for work completed satisfactorily, or be allowed to re-register, until all tuition, fees and all other charges authorized by SUNY Potsdam have been paid or student loan obligations have been satisfied.

Per State Finance Law Section § 19, State agencies are authorized to charge a return check fee when a check is dishonored.

Per State Tax Law §171-f, State agencies are authorized to certify to the Department of Taxation and Finance that past due legally enforceable debts should be offset against any tax refunds, contracts or other State payments.

SUNY policy requires the College to take the following measures for students in default of financial obligations:

  1. Deny registrations for any subsequent term;
  2. Cancel current registrations where the College has inadvertently allowed students to register;
  3. Withhold the granting of degrees;
  4. Withhold semester grade reports.

Liability Policy

When a student withdraws from a class, the length of the course and effective date of withdrawal determine student liability for the incurred charges. Liability for room is based on the official checkout date defined as when the room is completely vacated and key(s) are returned. Liability for meals are based on the last date meals, Flex, or Bear Express were used. Special circumstances may be considered by the Director of Residence Life or the Executive Director of PACES or their designee.

Official Withdrawal Date   Liability
1st week   0%
2nd week   30%
3rd week   50%
4th week   70%
5th week   100%

Students who withdraw from all courses and have had Federal Financial Aid applied to their student account will have their student account reviewed and adjusted according to Federal Title IV regulations (see Federal Title IV Withdrawals).

Approval of the withdrawal, with the date it becomes effective, must be certified by the President of the College or designee. For refund purposes, the first day of the class session shall be the first day of the semester. The end of the first week shall be deemed to have ended when seven calendar days, including the first day of the semester or term, have elapsed.

Fees are not refundable under ordinary circumstances.

A refund beyond the four week liability schedule may be considered under the following circumstances: 

  • Unforeseen medical incapacitation or death of an immediate family member 
  • Severe injury incurred during the semester  
  • Unanticipated illness to which the student had no prior knowledge 
  • College error

If a student has experienced any of the above criteria, a written statement may be submitted to onestop@potsdam.edu. An appeal of charges must be submitted within one year after the end of the term for which the charges were billed. Supporting documentation, such as medical documentation or a death certificate, must accompany an appeal statement.

Note: Students appealing charges who receive financial aid are encouraged to discuss their account with a financial aid advisor, as adjustments to charges could potentially also change eligibility for aid. 

Federal Title IV Withdrawals

Any student who has Federal Title IV financial aid and has fully withdrawn from all courses is subject to review under Federal Title IV policy. Title IV financial aid includes Federal Direct Subsidized Loans, Unsubsidized Loans and Direct PLUS Loans, and Federal PELL and SEOG grants. Federal Title IV financial aid shall be pro-rated based on the policy outlined by the U.S. Department of Education. Eligibility of Federal Title IV financial aid is proportional to the number of days the student attends to the total number of days in the academic semester. Essentially, students who do not complete an entire semester may not be eligible to receive their entire amount of federal aid, and will be responsible for paying any balance due to SUNY Potsdam should federal financial aid funding originally applied to a semester bill be returned to the issuing entity.

Policy information regarding Federal Title IV is available upon request to SUNY Potsdam, One Stop 44 Pierrepont Avenue, Potsdam, New York 13676.