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2018-2019 SUNY Potsdam Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 SUNY Potsdam Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ANTH 368 - Peopling of the World

3 Credit(s)

This course investigates human origins and the prehistoric dispersal of human populations around the world through time. A series of peopling events, the first settlement of a geographic region by an anatomically modern human population, or other hominin populations, and later prehistoric events in each world region will be studied. In each region, available cultural, linguistic, archaeological and biological anthropological data will be explored in an attempt to discern a cohesive pattern of which regional modern human populations are most closely related to one another, how all modern human groups are related to each other and how all human groups are related to extinct hominin populations. As warranted.

Prerequisite(s): ANTH 201  or ANTH 204  or HIST 100 .

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